1) Notify the Utility companies of your closing date.

               PP&L Electric - 1-800-DIAL-PPL

               Propane - If you have rented tanks, many companies will choose to leave the tanks with hopes that the new owner will choose them as a supplier. Remember, any remaining fuels on the property at the time of settlement belong to the buyer.






****BEST PRACTICE IS TO SCHEDULE ALL UTILITIES TO BE SHUT OFF THE DAY AFTER SETTLEMENT. This protects the seller from the situation where the utilities get shut off BEFORE the pre-settlement walk through inspection - which is usually an hour before settlement and during which the SELLER is responsible to have all utilities on for that inspection.

2) Almost all of the townships and local boroughs require moving permits when you are moving in OR out of the area. These permits usually cost under $5.00. (Can also be done by mail. Township and borough telephone numbers are on the "telephone numbers" form I sent to you when we pended)

3) Cancel House Insurance - be very careful not to cancel this before closing. Most sellers make this call right after settlement. Even if you forget and call a few days after settlement, they usually backdate it... Or you can call and tell the insurance company the tentative date of settlement and let them know you will call them if it changes.

4) Remember to have the property empty and broom swept for the walkthrough inspection (usually an hour or so before settlement). All utilities must be on for the walkthrough inspection as well. If your house has been winterized, you must de-winterize it for the walkthrough inspection.

5) If you needed to do repairs "by settlement", be sure to keep your agent notified and forward all repair receipts to them ASAP. Sometimes you will be required to bring them to settlement.

6) Re-Sale Certificate - for those living in Homeowner's Associations, you needed to order a "resale certificate" and will need to bring that to settlement if it has not been forwarded to the buyer prior.