The Selling Process - What to expect!


STAGE 1 - DETERMINE PRICE (have market analysis completed and explained to you as well as current market conditions)

STAGE 2 - CHOOSE A REALTOR - We give you a checklist to compare them!

STAGE 3 - PRE-LISTING PREP - time to spruce up, fix up, and clean up! Agent will guide you and schedule times to come and take room measurements and photos

STAGE 4 - SIGN LISTING PAPERWORK - agent will explain and review 1) Consumer Notice, 2) Estimate of your closing costs, 3) Listing Contract and 4) Seller's Disclosure

STAGE 5 - ACCOMMODATE SHOWINGS - agent will bring sign and lock box and information packets for buyers to take along with them. You will do your best to have property ready to show and vacate the premises whenever possible to allow buyers and agents the freedom to enjoy and observe the house.

STAGE 6 - NEGOTIATE OFFERS - your agent will sit down with you and review the entire contract and answer all of your questions. You usually have at least 48 hours to consider your options and decide how you will respond.

STAGE 7 - GO "UNDER CONTRACT" - this is when you and a buyer have agreed to all contract terms and your property comes off the market. Again, your agent will guide you through the process right up to closing!

STAGE 8 - NEGOTIATE INSPECTION RESULTS/REQUESTS - buyers pay for inspections, but they have a right to ask you to do some repairs based on those results. You are not required to make any repairs, but buyers have the right to get out of the contract if you do not.

STAGE 9 - PACK UP AND PREPARE FOR MOVE - 2 weeks before settlement you will be contacting utility companies and getting a moving permit

STAGE 10 - CLOSING - this is it! When you've made it to this point, you simply go to closing, sign a few documents, and pick up your proceeds check!